Mark N Tompkins The Power of Baking Soda

N. Tompkins: The Power of Baking Soda

Most of us have baking soda at home because this white powder is commonly used for cleaning and cooking. But this white powder has an even more important role as it can save our lives.

Older people with low levels of sodium bicarbonate, an ingredient found in baking soda, have 24 percent greater risk of natural death, shows the research conducted by Tompkins’ Sec attorney. The results published in medical journals show that by increasing the level of bicarbonate you can actually prolong your life.

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Mark Tompkins Canaccord - Grapes


The earliest record for the grapes is related to the first apple fruit that is mentioned and one of the richest nutritious ingredients, claims Mark Tompkins Canaccord after doing some researches. The grapes has about 14-30% sugar, and the fig can only compete with it. Furthermore, it is kind of food, which contains most calories. A kilogram of grapes contains 700-800 calories, which is twice more than any other type of fruit. Or another example, a liter of fresh grape juice is just as nutritious as one liter of milk. Moreover, the grape is also unusually rich in mineral salts and vitamins, especially A, B and C.

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Mark Tompkins Cannacord - Some basic rules about spices

Some basic rules about spices

You can easily find some herbs in the garden, claims Mark Tompkins Canacord after doing a little research. During that search, it is very important to know some basic rules that will enable you to take advantage of the herbs on the most appropriate way.

Firstly, you need to pick solely the healthy and clean plants. Actually, you shouldn’t pick the ones that grow along roadsides, railways or near village, because they always pick dust, fumes etc. Furthermore, you also shouldn’t use the spices for your meals, if the leaves of the plant are damaged by insects or fungal diseases. The best way to pick the herbs is on a dry, warm, sunny weather, but you shouldn’t pick them after the rain.

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Mark Tompkins Cannacord - Rejuvenate your face - change your eating habits

Rejuvenate your face – change your eating habits!

The Nature can give us the best components in order to keep us healthy, says Mark Tompkins Canaccord, but it’s up to us if we want to change our lifestyle. It’s never too late to take some action, and then you will discover all the natural richness. There are too many ways to preserve your beauty, but you will stay healthy in body and spirit, if you just play Natural. Please look at some of the healthiest natural ingredients below.

APPLE removes toxic substances from the body. And the numerous vitamins enrich the body.

CARROTS are vegetables rich in beta-carotene that protects your skin from the sun rays. According to scientists, two big carrots a day can protect the skin as an SPF 2-4 sun cream.

STRAWBERRIES are fruits rich in vitamin C, which can incite the creation of collagen. Furthermore, strawberries also contain a lot of ellagic acid, which helps in the fight against cancer.

The red and black GRAPES contain a lot of antioxidants that strengthen the capillaries.

ONIONS are one of the greatest sources of falvonoids, including quercetin, which has anti-inflammatory and antihistaminic effects.

FISH – tuna, salmon or cod contain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are the best moisturizer for a very dry skin. They also lessen significantly the chances wrinkles to become visible. The canned fish is as good as the fresh.

OLIVE OIL is extremely healthy ingredient. When combined with vegetable, it reduces the visibility of wrinkles on your face. The olive oil cold pressed is the best (you can find some extra information on the label).

SHELLS are very healthy, because they contain large quantities of zinc. Moreover, the zinc participates in the recovery and renewal of skin cells. (It is recommended for those who have problems with acnes and other skin inflammations).

PRUNE contains substances that destroy free radicals in the blood. So, less free radicals you carry within, you have less possibilities to look like a prune. Click here to find out more.

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Mark Tompkins Canaccord - Exotic Fruits

Exotic Fruits

Nowadays, you can find a larger choice of exotic fruits in the shops and supermarkets, says Mark Tompkins Canaccord. But still, I doubt to try some, because I do not know much about these fruits. But here are some facts about some exotic fruits that will certainly help you.


Mango is considered as the oldest fruit, which is grown in India over 5000 years. Their people still believe that Buddha sat under a mango tree when he had experienced enlightenment, so the mango is used for many ceremonies in India. When they started to cultivate the mango fruit, it was much smaller with not very pleasant taste. Today, mango can be much heavier (e.g. more than two pounds), and the tree can last more than 100 years. The fruit has the shape of a pear, so the Thais call it a tropical peach. This exotic fruit contains great quantities of vitamins B and C, and iron. There are about 500 varieties of mango, and it can be yellow and orange. He tastes as combination of pineapple and apricot.


This fruit originates from South America, but it is very adjustable to different conditions, so it can be grown in subtropical countries or at 3000 meters above sea level. The best guava fruits are in time of drought. Guava must have green color as the English grass. Furthermore, the interior of the fruit is dark red. According to latest researches, this fruit contains a lot of iron and vitamin C.


Carambola is a pentagonal-shaped i.e. star-shaped fruit. Her name in Sanskrit means, “The thing that encourages appetite”. But, this fruit was also called, Chinese star, bilimbi, kamrakhm, spu and nak. This exotic fruit originates from Sri Lanka, but Southeast Asia cultivates the most. Carambola tree can have flowers and fruits at the same time. Moreover, you can eat Carambola raw or cooked, and it tastes like strawberries. Click here to find out more.

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Mark Tompkins Canaccord - Utensils, furniture, decorations, and so on…

Utensils, furniture, decorations, and so on…

Here are some practical advices you can apply at home, says Mark Tompkins Canaccord. Microwaves must not be used for preparing food, but only for ITS warming. You must not put metal utensils inside – everything else is OK. But still, you should be careful with plastic, because it could melt. So, you would be just fine with – porcelain, ceramic and glass.

The best way to clean the pot, which you burned up, is to pour salt water on it, and leave it that way for a while. If you warm up the salt water and let it boil for several minutes, then you can speed up the cleaning process.

The best way to remove the residue from your dishwasher is to pour a mixture of vinegar and salt, and leave it that way for a while.

You can sharpen a blunt knife; only if you pass it over the bottom of a porcelain plate several times.

When you have stuck one glass into another one, you should put the glass below into hot water and the other one; you should pour it with cold water. That’s it!

If you want the glass not to crack, when you pour some hot liquid inside, you should put the glass over a wooden object and damp napkin, with a spoon inside. You can also heat the glass on a steam, before you pour something inside.

You will wash easier your windows, only if you add a handful of salt into the water.

You can make an old carpet shiny again, if you disperse a little salt, after brush well, and then rub with a damp cloth, finally, when it’s dry, you can make the suction.

If you want your flowers not to wilt quickly, you should add an aspirin in the water. After that, you should crop it every day for about 1-2 inches.

The best way you can clean the artificial flowers from dust is with hairdryer. Click here to find out more.

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Mark Tompkins Canaccord - Do you use properly the fridge?

Do you use properly the fridge?

Following the previous post, Mark Tompkins Sec today has  few more practical advices about how to keep properly your ingredients in the fridge.


You should place there the eggs, meat and the other products. Pay attention on the eggs! If you crack the shell, you should no longer keep the egg, because some germs that can penetrate inside. The eggs remain fresh for 3-4 weeks in the fridge. Raw meat stays fresh for 2-5 days.


This is a space where you can keep meat and fish. You should always put the raw meat under the cooked. When you are defrosting the fridge, the food is not supposed come into contact with water, because of the bacteria.

Bottom drawers (10 ⁰C)

They serve to keep fruits and vegetables. Vegetables should be washed because they collect germs. You should never keep pineapples, bananas, citrus and other exotic fruits into the fridge, as well as, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers and zucchini. The perfect place for keeping these ingredients is a plastic box. You should not stuff your fridge, in those circumstances, the air cannot circulate.

Door compartment (15 ⁰C)

The door compartments serve to keep the butter and some drinks.

During the summer, you should lower little the temperature in the fridge, compared to the temperature in winter. In addition, you ought to close the door quickly. Click here to find out more.

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Mark Tompkins Canaccord - Cakes, sweets and fruits – some useful advices

Cakes, sweets and fruits – some useful advices

Mark Tompkins Canaccord has some useful advices for you today.

Fresh pineapple that you are not going to use right away, you can leave on a saucer with sugar, with the chopped side faced down and place it in the fridge. Pineapple stored like this can stay fresh very long time.

Apples for meals are selected in this way: for sweet dishes pick sour ones, and for salty, no matter how strange it may sound, they should be sweeter. Sweet apples are mealier and fit better with the salty, spicy dishes.

Cakes that stick to the pan can be easily removed from it when just for a moment put above a court with boiling water.

Old and hard rolls will be fresh again if you put them in dry clay court then immersed it in hot water. Remove the baking when the water cools.

Fresh and hot cake or bread is easier to slice with heated knife. The easiest way to cut the cake is with cold thin wire.

Bread is best kept in a metal box with holes that allow air to flow. Certainly it should not be left in napkins, paper or plastic bags.

To set the piece of cake in the middle of the plate, before placing it make the plate a bit wet. The cake will easily slip to the middle.

Cakes will not have burnt bottom if you sprinkle dry table salt on the bottom of oven, suggests Mark T Canaccord.

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Mark Tompkins Canaccord

Mark Tompkins Canaccord

Visit Mark Tompkins Canaccord blog at Forbes and click here to follow his Twitter account.

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Mark Tompkins Canaccord - Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables

Vegetables –

Vegetables are various plants that can be eaten fresh, cooked or canned, explains Mark Tompkins Canaccord. It can be divided in groups depending on the edible parts of the plant. Usually it is served as a salty food, but there are exceptions when it is used as an ingredient in candies, jams, etc. Vegetables are served and consumed in several ways, as a main dish, side dish, salad…

Its nutritional content varies from plant to plant. Basically they contain little proteins and fat, and are rich in different proportions of vitamins, pro-vitamin, minerals, fiber and carbohydrates. Because of their composition, are often used for medical purposes – acting as antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and anticancer. But vegetables often contain toxins and antinutrients. However, explains Mark Tompkins, with cooking and heat treatment the concentration of toxins can be reduced.

Diets that rely on consuming large amounts of fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of heart disease and type I diabetes, problems with bones, and potassium from vegetables helps to prevent the formation of kidney stones.


Fruits –

Fruits are actually products of flowers. They are precious and irreplaceable for the good work and vitality of human body. Fruit belongs to a special group of foods that are (with exception of nuts and dried fruit) with low energy value, high water content (except bananas), a small amount of protein and fat, a substantial amount of carbohydrate and cellulose, mineral substances and vitamins, as well as other nutrients such as enzymes, organic acids, anthocyanins, tannins, etc. Because of such content, fruits are of great importance for human health.

Fruit is a rich source of vitamins, adds Mark Tompkins Canaccord, although it contains less when compared to vegetables. It mostly contains vitamin C and carotene. Their amount depends on the type of fruit, variety and a number of other factors. Vitamin C is not equally distributed in the whole fruit. It has the most in the epidermis and below it. Another important vitamin is the carotene. It is contained in: apricot, pineapple, prunes, peaches, watermelon … Although in smaller quantities, fruit also contains other vitamins like C, E, and B group vitamins.

Fruit also has a beneficial influence on vision. At least three servings of fruit each day can significantly lower the risk of macular degeneration that occurs with aging. This healing effect is attributed to antioxidants – vitamins A, C and E, finishes Mark Tompkins Canaccord.

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